Forex Understanding Price Action

Forex Understanding Price Action¬†is very easy to get lost with so much information with understanding price action and different courses and this whole notion that price action can only be achieved in higher time frames. It is not true, price action is happening at every time frame at every moment the market is open. I am not bashing people that say that only daily time frames you can make pips in the market, but you have to understand there are tons of ways one can choose to trade. Price action can be traded in lower time frames, but it is approach very differently. You have to be more reactive, you must adapt to loses quicker, you must be ready at the moment for any type of market action. I personally am, but I also don’t spend every single moment of the day trading, as a matter a fact I spend anywhere from 2-3 hours trading, when it comes to trading on lower time frames. My favorite time frame is the 5min ( to show you an example you can see video below )¬†Knowing this keep in mind every one has a different style and a different way to approach the market, as well as different time schedules. Understanding price action is key and the only leading indicator everything else is lagging.